Sam Hill Award

The Journal of Southern Religion offers a prize to a graduate student who submits the best article published during the calendar year. Named in honor of southern religious historian and JSR advisory board member Dr. Sam Hill, the Hill Award includes a selection of books from major presses and a one-year honorary membership on the journal’s editorial board.

Sam Hill Award Winners

1999: Mark Bell, Oxford University, for “Continued Captivity: Religion in Bartow County Georgia”

2001: Matthew Day, Brown University, for “Flannery O’Connor and the Southern Code of Manners”

2002: Randall J. Stephens, University of Florida, for “‘There is Magic in Print’: The Holiness-Pentecostal Press and the Origins of Southern Pentecostalism”

2007–2009: John Hayes, Wake Forest, “Hard, Hard Religion: The Invisible Institution of the New South”