New Site Design and Features

The Journal of Southern Religion has released a new version of its website today. This update includes a new design, which we hope will make the journal more usable and readable. We’ve added some useful features, such as COinS embedded metadata for each article, so that you can automatically import citation information into tools like Zotero, and footnotes that display citations without requiring you to scroll to the bottom of this page. (Click this footnote link for a demo.1)

The JSR has been an open-access journal from the beginning, but now it is open-source journal as well. You can see the source code that generates this site at GitHub. You’re welcome to play around with the code and offer fixes.

The new site also includes some additional content. The JSR Podcast has now released two episodes, the first an interview with Paul Harvey and the second aninterview with Patrick Mason. The site also has space for a blog.

Work on the new site is ongoing. In particular, we are gradually moving our back issues into the new site. Please feel free to offer suggestions in the comments, by e-mail, or on GitHub.

We hope you enjoy the new JSR.

  1. This is what our footnotes look like.

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