Panel Book Review

Elizabeth A. Fones-Wolf and Ken Fones-Wolf. The Struggle for the Soul of the Postwar South: White Evangelical Protestants and Operation Dixie
Heath W. Carter
Janine Giordano Drake
Alison Collis Greene
Authors’ Response
Elizabeth A. Fones-Wolf and Ken Fones-Wolf
Struggle for the Soul cover

Critical Conversations

We observe the fifteenth anniversary of Donald G. Mathews's article in the Journal of Southern Religion by embarking on another first for the journal. Critical Conversations attempts to address contemporary issues through the lens of critical reflection. In this case, the fifteenth anniversary of Mathews's breakthrough article coincides with renewed conversations about how racism functions in the U.S. With an introduction to the four pieces that will appear in a series of roll outs, Ed Blum helps us understand the importance of the initial article both to its content and its format. We hope this conversation sparks renewed interest in the ways violence shapes religion in the American context, particulary in its southern form.


Southern Civil Religions

As a panel at the Southern Intellectual History Circle in February, four essays examined the usefulness of civil religion as a category of study for the Lost Cause and civil religion more broadly in the South. Charles Reagan Wilson responded to the essays.