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The Journal of Southern Religion is the first scholarly journal devoted to the study of religion in the American South. The journal is fully peer-reviewed, reflecting the best traditions of critical scholarship. It is an open-access publication, published free of cost in its entirety on the Internet. The JSR publishes articles and book reviews, as well as new media.

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The Journal of Southern Religion receives funding from an endowment of the Spencer B. King, Jr. Center for Southern Studies at Mercer University. In addition to private gifts from donors, the King Center is supported by a National Endowment for the Humanities challenge grant.

A Journal about Religion in the American South

A unique site in 1998 when it was created, JSR entered the world as one of the first fully peer-reviewed journals with its entire presence online and open access. The creators recognized the power of digital output, which allowed anyone access to quality scholarship concerning religious experiences in the American South. We have maintained that vision even as we have shifted platforms in an ever-evolving process to make the good work of scholars open to anyone, including people beyond traditional academic settings. While we have not always reached beyond those places, our content remains there for everyone to use. We are committed to the good work of journal articles, but we expanded our offerings to include Forums and Critical Conversation, which explore issues in a more condensed format. As from the beginning JSR provides a number of book reviews to keep scholars informed with the latest scholarship in the field.

This page allows you the opportunity to explore both our past and present. The links below and above lead the reader to the previous seventeen issues, as well as the current issue. We release content as it becomes available so the idea is to check back often. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter by clicking on the small buttons at the top of any page. We inform our dedicated readers in those venues. If you are a scholar who examines any aspect of religious life in the American South, even if those experiences move to other parts of the world, please submit your work to us by clicking the "About JSR" button on the left. We are always looking for book reviewers to feel free to contact the Book Review editor by following the links in the box to the left. We think there is still plenty for us to learn about the region known as the most religious place in the United States.

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