Volume 19 (2017)



Cara Lee Burnidge. A Peaceful Conquest: Woodrow Wilson, Religion, and the New World Order

Reviewed by Randall Balmer

Andrew McNeill Canady. Willis Duke Weatherford: Race, Religion, and Reform in the American South

Reviewed by Robert F. Martin

Colin B. Chapell. Ye That Are Men Now Serve Him: Radical Holiness Theology and Gender in the South

Reviewed by Katherine E. Rohrer

R. David Cox. The Religious Life of Robert E. Lee

Reviewed by Gracjan Kraszewski

Darren Grem. The Blessing of Business: How Corporations Shaped Conservative Christianity

Reviewed by Janine Giordano Drake

Joshua Guthman. Strangers Below: Primitive Baptists and American Culture

Reviewed by Andrew Gardner

Barry Hankins. Woodrow Wilson: Ruling Elder, Spiritual President

Reviewed by Randall Balmer

Mark A. Lause. Free Spirits: Spiritualism, Republicanism, and Radicalism in the Civil War Era

Reviewed by Randall M. Miller

Thomas A. Robinson. Preacher Girl: Uldine Utley and the Industry of Revival

Reviewed by Christopher R. Schlect

Andrew Smith. Fundamentalism, Fundraising, and the Southern Baptist Convention, 1919–1925 

Reviewed by Barry Hankins