Volume 23 (2021)

In Memoriam

Samuel Smythe Hill, Jr. (1927–2021)

Samuel Smythe Hill, Jr. born in Richmond, VA, October 25, 1927, died June 1, 2021. Sam served as a pastor in Burlington, Kentucky before earning his Ph.D. in Religion from Duke University in 1960. He went on to positions at Stetson University and the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He took up a post as chair of the University of Florida Religion Department in 1972 and continued as a professor at UF until he retired in 1994. Sam Hill is survived by his wife Helen S. Hill, and his children, Sarah and Charles. Read more


James Hill Welborn III, Like Father, Like Son?: The Emotions of White Southern Manhood, Ministry, and Mastery During the Antebellum Sectional Crisis


C. Douglas Weaver, Thinking White: John E. White, the Social Gospel, and Southern Identity

Book Reviews

Jeffrey Einboden, Jefferson’s Muslim Fugitives: The Lost Story of Enslaved Africans, Their Arabic Letters, and an American President.

Reviewed by Daniel N. Gullotta


Gracjan Kraszewski, Catholic Confederates: Faith and Duty in the Civil War South.

Reviewed by David Roach